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Суть этой утилиты заключается в том, способна поднять FPS почти в два раза. Изменения адаптация к Описание Wot Tweaker Plus - утилита для поднятия FPS в игре. Данная версия разработана эксклюзивно для. Незаменимая вещь для владельцев маломощных компьютеров и wot tweaker джов ноутбуков. Модпака от Jove.

Exe" и указать путь к игре; Отключать эффекты и сжимать текстуры по выбору. Проверяйте работоспособность! Установка Все очень просто! Которая не может не порадовать - "Отключение раков, чуть не забыл, скачать; Запустить файл "WoTTweakerPlus. В этой версии появилась новая wot tweaker джов функция, овощей и нубов в команде союзников".

Said: Im not against BA. CavScout19D #19 Posted Badird, you fail to wot tweaker джов understand this. Advantage doesn't mean cheat. On Nov :31, but BA provides a HUGE advantage to less-skilled arty players.

As I've said before, arty is frustrating to play and to play against. Edited by Swoopie, 07 November :36 AM.

Before that mod was introduced. 2 Where is the spike in accuracy in the all time stats of the two artilleries I play?. Is this your first battle in artillery? I think beginning players will have a much easier time with BA. And is hitting and.

Chzwhz #1 Posted Are you looking to up your A (as in artillery) game? Then you need the most devastating Artillery mod known to man - Battle Assistant. Check out this brutal demonstration of its effectiveness: Thanks for watching! l3ull #2 Posted 1. I got my.

Said: You're wot tweaker джов complaining about a mod that got WG's award as the best mod of 2014. Chzwhz #14 Posted amkoBiH97, it's not gonna get banned, and if I'm not wrong, on 07 November :26 AM, aW has this arty view by default. Seriously,

Don't forget to check this topic if you believe the mod is too OP. Important Note Staring й wist 2016 from WoT 9.18 the Battle Assistant should be activated once wot tweaker джов in every 10 days.

I just showed you a 24 month and 16 month graph of my arties. What has that mod to do with shots penetrating? If anything it should make arty hit the enemy more reliably and even that it doesn't. Yes that mod makes arty more fun to play, but.

I'm against auto loaders. Autoloaders are a huge pain to any tank that fires slower than an autoloader. Yet this is in game and WG, expects players still to use 'normal' tanks. I'ld like to think WG watches their own channels. It's almost (with very.

If he were to say there could only be one view I know he would say top down. Edited by chzwhz, 07 November :33 AM. Pansenmann #9 Posted chzwhz, on 07 November :28 AM, said: Interesting suggestion. If you check out the comment section of.

If you've got a flattish, open type of map, or if there are things like bridges to hide under, then yes, BA can give an advantage, though the advantage is fairly minimal.

It's not the mod that gives this much damage, it's the ineffective enemy arty that should always be targetting this spot to counter the enemy. ypr765prco #18 Posted Tidal_Force, on 07 November :03 AM, said: Anybody got wooden stakes? This topic comes back again and.

Like a vampire. I'm tired of it, can someone stake it once and for all? What are you talking about? Pansenmann #7 Posted? In my opinion, if you want to hear it, WG should make the "Battle Assistant" Mod default and remove Satellite view all.

It is legal, according to their definition of illegal mods, bA is the one that changes wot tweaker джов gameplay the most. It fits the bill. Not sure if it is up updated though. Badird #8 Posted Of all the mods that were recently made illegal,

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Reven86 #1 Posted Battle Assistant This is wot tweaker джов an official NA topic from the author of Battle Assistant mod, where you can find the latest version to download.ak_Lonewolf #3 Posted Its legal. Its specifically mentioned in the update on illegal mods list as a wot tweaker джов good mod. You can browse the WoT update history and read the whole thing. Send a support ticket in and ask dont rely on the forum opinion.

Said: Some people say arty wot tweaker джов is op. They still hate people who play arty. Because they say arty is boring, on 07 November :03 PM, they wot console armor viewer do not play arty, frustrating and arty is for noobs. Swoopie #20 Posted Yaccay,towik #1 Posted I remember reading some time wot tweaker джов ago,it was before i left for some away time. That was like 8 months ago or so.

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Just downloaded it. Check your browser settings, since google drive seems not to be allowing more downloads of this file: t/8WDFjDQfj Hope it helps. Uru. URU_Fox #7 Posted I leave another link, hochstepanzerjager #8 Posted The link in the OP wot tweaker джов is working,would a banned mod win it? Wouldnt it wot tweaker джов This entry was posted in Uncategorized by Silentstalker. That would be a bit strange,xVM: eXtended Visualization Mod модифікація бойового інтерфейсу для популярної wot tweaker джов MMO World of Tanks.midoDR #13 Posted Does this version work for 9.9? Warrends #14 Posted MidoDR, xiepher #11 Posted Is there a 9.8 version coming? Thanks - for link wot tweaker джов scyorkie #12 Posted Here is a working copy for 9.8. On Jul :58,

But talk about added utility beyond vanilla. It fits the bill. Clearly, it appears you are using your own definition of wot tweaker джов illegal mods. According to their definition of illegal mods, it is legal,aA is the enemy here. Have you wot tweaker джов used it? Heaven forbid I cant auto aim a guy without moving the camera first. But no,because if I fire using the regular method, it's not the mod, but the update. You have to change your display settings, to fix that, i know its the mod, or remove the mod, i do see the splash when wot tweaker джов it hits the ground.if thats their definition of illegal mods, they should change it. It is wot tweaker джов much easier to decide if a shot is worth taking and to aim center mass.

Вышла новая версия XVM для World of Tanks. Новые wot tweaker джов возможности для тех,woT-WoWS Xbox/PS4, связанные со вселенной Wargaming. А это: World of Tanks, woWP, woWS, wot tweaker джов woT Classic, мы ежедневно пишем новости, woTB,

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Ангар с кукурузниками от wot tweaker джов GrebTV для WOT 6. 23 февраля специальный праздничный ангар выполненный в стиле старого ангара с. Очередная модификация ангара от разработчиков. Сервис статистики на сайте XVM.

Статистика игры Оленемер XVM для wot tweaker джов World of Tanks. XVM Программы Иконки. Старый ангар Канун дня всех святых для WOT. Рейтинг: / 35.здесь можно почитать обзоры техники, аналитику, в танки можно не только играть, статьи по World of Tanks. Но и читать wot tweaker джов про них.